About Us


Our Gathering Space provides a very warm environment for fellowship before and after worship. The area in front of the Route 7 entrance was designed to be an outside Gathering Space.

In the Church, begin your visit at the Baptismal Font; as you look to the sanctuary, you will see the rose granite Altar; the same material supports the Ambo (pulpit) and the Tabernacle within our Eucharistic Chapel. Behind the Altar note the Presider’s Bench and the large Jerusalem Cross on the reredos (back wall) and the surrounding grid. Fish symbols are contained within the grid pattern. (Hint: look at the longest pieces of the cross to see these early Christian symbol for Christ.) Notice the source of light falling on the back wall from the large skylight at the highest point of our Church.

Turn left and begin your walk about in the Church by the Choir area, pass the Grand Piano and come to the Way of the Cross. Stop to admire our striking statue of Mary. Continue around until you come to the Eucharistic Chapel; note the seating along the walls within the Chapel as well as seating all around the walls of the Church.

Leave the Eucharistic Chapel by the wooden door leading to the Meditation Walkway. Stop to visit the Daily Mass Chapel. Notice again the wall seating and the individual seats with kneelers. This seating allows us to rearrange the chapel for prayer events, small weddings and funerals. When you leave the chapel, you will pass the Reconciliation Chapel and Prayer Room.

After you pass the large hallway doors you are in the Meditation Walkway. This area provides a quiet reflective place for reading and contemplation during the week. on the weekends, it serves as a quieting area for children. 

The last door you pass before getting back to the Gathering Space is the entrance to our Sacristy work areas. This door leads to our Priests’ Sacristy, and Liturgy, Music and Associate’s offices. As the tour is completed, remember that our Church represents the fulfillment of our dream. It celebrates our faith and desire to share the Good News with the world.

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